Meet LLeHs Experience a revolution in the versatility of electric heating with LLeHs by Karel Bodegom Thermal comfort on demand: LLeHs, Long Lasting electric Heating system, is the first infrared heating panel that combines cutting edge technology from nonwoven carbon fibre mats with the unique ceramics from Dekton. LLeHs distinguishes itself from conventional heating solutions and infrared panels through its energy efficiency, pleasant form of warmth and adaptability. Made for a sustainable future, LLeHs is dynamically effective deployable, energy conscious in usage and with a sophisticated carbon footprint. Pleasant warmth LLeHs seeks to set a new standard for heating: a standard where we focus on personal thermal comfort. The ideal architectural temperature of a room is roughly 16 degrees. People prefer warmer temperatures, from 18 up to 24 degrees. Factors like humidity, draft and personal preference impact the way people perceive this temperature. There is no fixed temperature which satisfies everyone. LLeHs produces targeted and direct heat, adjusted to one’s personal preferences via its placement and smart thermostat. Transferring heat primarily through radiation, LLeHs leaves the humidity and ventilation of a space undisturbed, in contrast with heating systems that warm the air. When an airflow of more than 3 kilometres/hour is produced, we experience a draft. LLeHs boosts natural convection yet stays below this limit. This reduces dust flow and enables one to stay warm even in poorly isolated environments. “the warmth of LLeHs technology feels like the warmth of the sun. The experience is like walking out of the shadows into direct sunshine. The comfort is comparable to a ray of sunlight coming through a window. With LLeHs you can enjoy pleasant warmth on demand. It is like bringing a little bit of holiday sun inside your home.” - Karel Bodegom, the designer of LLeHs Application LLeHs is designed to provide a heat solution in cultural heritage and high-rise. It can be applied all around the globe in any architectural form of shelter. LLeHs has been tested in a work, living, sleeping, and mobile environment. The underlying technology has even proven itself at 2 kilometres depth inside a submarine and 10 kilometres high aboard a F16. LLeHs takes 750 watt to warm a rectangular space of 32 m3 and works with both a direct and alternating current supply. It can be plugged into a regular socket or for example attached to solar panels. Requiring merely a socket, LLeHs can thus be placed in nearly any space. In addition the panel is easily transported and can be placed not only on the ceiling or along the wall, but also free standing as a room divider, mounted on wheels for maximum flexibility or integrated into doors or shower cabins. Technology LLeHs delivers thermal comfort through a combination of nonwoven carbon fibres and a ceramic plate. The carbon fibre mat produces infrared radiation which is absorbed by the ceramic plate. The base ensures that even radiation send out in the opposite direction gets reflected towards the ceramic plate. The ceramic plate is made of Dekton, a unique mix of minerals made into one plate at a temperature of 1250°C. Due to the composition of the Dekton the radiation is gradually released into the room, where it warms objects on its path directly. As the Dekton shares its warmth slowly, LLeHs can produce warmth whilst only turning on the carbon fibre mat when needed. Durability LLeHs is low maintenance and designed to last for decades. To protect the radiator from breaking, the Dekton has been fortified with a layer of glass fibres. The carbon fibre mat and ceramic plate mass are placed as closely to each other as possible to ensure optimal performance. The glue in between has been tested to last up to temperatures of 180° C which is well above the maximum internal temperature of LLeHs. Product Freestanding, attached to the walls or mounted to the ceiling: LLeHs panels can be placed anywhere in a space, one of the qualities that makes this product outstandingly versatile. In addition, the panels can be used both as a primary and supplementary heating system. LLeHs provides direct heat in a matter of minutes. Using infrared, it warms the objects and people in its vicinity directly. When used as a supplementary heating source, this enables one to set the room temperature produced by a primary heating system several degrees lower. As the LLeHs panel is only turned on when one needs it to be, this saves energy, and costs. LLeHs is available in 3 standard models ranging from 800mmx1650mm to 3250mmx800mm, with a thickness of only 45 mm, that can be produced in a broad range of colours. We are also happy to search for a custom solution. More information Feel free to contact us for further information, contact details are found here, available after 15-9- 2021 This text was written by MB, Science Communication Student at the University of Groninge