the products karel bodegom designs are the free expressions of his visionary approach to the interior: sublime choices for materials manufactured by the most skilled artisans, well formed, functional and with detailed finish.

bodegom's collaboration with a wide range of artisansto realise his ideas, are the result of his own research,expertise, and experience with craftsmanship.

as a guest lecturer and debater, bodegom teaches product design to students. he is also a speaker at seminars and trade fairs to share his vision and experience to encourage discussion and new collaborations. 

bodegom transfers his knowledge of product design to students through teaching and debate. he shares his vision and experience by speaking at seminar and trade fairs to encourage discussion and form new alliances.  

at the invitation of the curator of the exhibit masterly 2016 – the dutch in milano, he designed the gas fire trunk: an independently mounted hearth of which the mantle is exquisitely executed in osier, handwoven by basket weavers de kim. 

photo gas fire trunk in dutch elm wood

design by karel bodegom/haagse courant 2012